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A selection of the comments we have received over the years!


Face Of The World was an amazing experience and I think helped me in progressing my career.  It was hard work but great fun and it was so good to meet up with all the other contestants.  It helped me learn catwalk, commercial shoots and also working with the others for team photos and to pull the show together.  I learnt a lot and will always remember it and have made friends with some of the contestants and we are still in touch and following each others careers.



As a mother of a contestant, I was happy that they were being given the guidance and support they needed.  It was a long day for them, especially the UK finals over two days.  But they were looked after and it was just such an amazing experience both for my son and for me as well, as neither of us had ever been involved in anything like it before.  Connor has gained so much confidence from these competitions which has helped him with promoting himself as a model as being a commercial model is what he really wants to do.



Having moving to the UK after leaving Los Angeles where Kamila was a model/actress. We wanted to find something that resembled the pageant model world in USA and came across Face Of The World. Kamila registered for this event not knowing what to expect. She competed in the event in Birmingham, UK 2015 and to our amazement walked away with the Grand Prize international Teen Face Of The World winner. This was amazing. We not only came away with an amazing experience but also met some incredible new friends to last a life time. Louise the Face of the World owner director was fabulous. 



As a mother of a contestant, we enjoyed it so much I am now the CEO owner of the USA division Face Of The World USA. We hold our 1st USA event June 2017 and will crown 4 USA title holders to compete for the ultimate title Face of the World in Birmingham September 2017.



I was already a established model and actor in my country but Face Of The World organizaion gave me an international plateform to establish myself in an international level. I would like to thank the organisation for organizing such a grand international event in London UK. The hospitality the organisation people have given was really remarkable and I really appreciate Face Of The World organization that they made me to recognize myself internationally. By seeing these all activities, I was interested to take the official franchise for my country Nepal and now I am national director of Face Of The World Nepal. I hope this type of events will surely help us to find a talent in our country and will crown 4 NEPAL title holders.


Piyus Karn

Face Of The World international 2nd runner up 2016

Best runway award winner 2016



My journey through Face Of The World has been outstanding. To get through to the international final was a very huge step for me. I felt so privileged as it was my very first pageant. The runway coaching was probably my favourite throughout the competition, it gave me a chance to really enjoy the experience and a chance for me to really express myself and my personality, adapting to new skills like learning to be graceful and smiles at all times. At the final of Face Of The World I came runner up 2017 and I won editorial  photographic award winner 2016. Face Of The World has given me many privileges it's not only helped regain my confidence but yet it's given yet me more opportunities. I would like to say a massive thank you to the organisation for giving me this opportunity. I'm super excited to be coming back next year to compete for the world title.



My experience at Face Of The World was amazing it was my first competition and I couldn't have wished it to be better. Everybody there welcomed you, showed you what to do and helped direct you to make yourself better. I did Face Of The World to boost my confidence, it did that and much more. I cant wait to compete again.

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